Healing The Body, Mind and Spirit
January 14th and Sunday, January 21st
11:30am -5pm
 Includes two 5 1/2 hour classes, instruction book and supplies.
  It is a requirement that you attend BOTH class one and class two to receive  
certification. This class includes hands on instruction and practice of healing
techniques for self and   others, chakra balancing, aura cleansing, balancing and 
healing, distance healing. These healing techniques create a healing experience
   that takes place at the quantum level (consciousness) where the
body, mind and spirit are one.
You will learn about the Seven Major Chakras (energy points),
including their interaction with   the physical body through the endocrine and
nervous systems, the Four Layers of Healing and the Seven Layers of Energy
(Layers of Aura). In addition you will learn the use of Vibrational and
Frequency Healing, Angelic and Divine Healing, Healing with Earth Energy,
Crystal Healing, Intuitive Healing and Sound, Color and Light Therapy.
Once you have completed the lessons and demonstrate that you understand the
material, you will receive your certificate and will be a
Certified H3 Energy Healing Therapist- Level I and II
Clearing blockages and balancing the flow of energy encourages the body to use
it’s natural healing ability. The human energy field (aura) sets the foundation for the
physical body. When the energy field is imbalanced, it affects the body. Illnesses and
disease manifest themselves in our energy field first before showing up on our
physical bodies. It is believed there is no condition that cannot be helped by energy
You MUST pre-register for this class as space is limited
For additional information please call 973-209-7070 or