Up to  20% Off Readings and Healings
For a Limited Time While Supplies Last!

 Specials may be purchased online, via phone: 973-209-7070 or in person at Trinity Metaphysical Center.

Reading and Healing specials can be used for in person, phone or email readings
and in person or distance energy healings.


Reading Specials


 $5.00 Off  


20 minute or 1/2 hour Readings

20 min-$20

1/2 hr-$30


$10.00 Off

45 minute or 1 hour Readings

45 min-$40

1 hr- $55


Energy Healing Specials

$5.00 Off

1/2 hour or 45 minute Energy Healings

1/2 hr-$20

45 min-$30


$10.00 Off

1 hour Energy Healings



Combine a Reading & a Healing!

EX: 1/2 hr Reading & 1/2 hr Healing-$50(save $10!)

45 min Reading & 45 min Healing-$70 (save $15!)

1hr Reading & 1hr Healing- $90 (save $20!)


Reading/Healing Mini Package

20 minute Reading & 20 min Healing



Order/payment must be received in advance to be eligible for the Holiday Specials, however sessions may be scheduled at any time up to December 31, 2019. Once order/payment is received an email gift certificate will be sent for the purchased session.

Sessions may be scheduled via email:, phone: 973-209-7070 or in  person at Trinity Metaphysical Center. Please advise you are using the holiday gift certificate when scheduling the appointment. Thank you! :-)

                For additional info or questions please call 973-209-7070 or email


Reading/ Healing Session


Promotional certificate. No refunds Issued.