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Distance Healings

What is Energy Healing?

Everything is a form of energy.

Energy healing is the balancing of the energy field or "aura" that surrounds the human body. It is often divided into chakras. Chakras are interpreted as energy points located in different parts of the body, which influence our health and well-being. These energy centers regulate the flow of energy through our energy system. The chakras interact with the physical body through two major vehicles, the endocrine system and the nervous system. Each of the chakras is associated with one of the endocrine glands, and also with a group of nerves called a plexus. Each chakra can be associated with particular parts of the body and particular functions within the body controlled by that plexus or that endocrine gland.

Energy healing can heal you physically, emotionally, and mentally. We are made up of a multi-body system, not just the physical body. Things don’t just affect us physically; we are affected on all levels. When we think thoughts, these non-solid forms of Energy go out into our multi system body and greatly affect us. Energy healing has a direct influence over our body's electromagnetic field. The healing creates a change in the vibrations of this field. The electromagnetic field resonates with the vibrations given during the healing. The physical body's vibrational frequencies will begin resonating with the frequencies of the electromagnetic field. This causes any unhealthy or lower vibrational frequencies to be changed into higher frequencies where healing happens. Once the body starts vibrating at higher frequencies, the body will start to heal automatically of any disease. 

Many influences in their environment may cause a person's energy to become lower, including diet, exercise, stress, lack of optimism. Each of our cells is living, and the main  influence on them is our blood. A positive perception causes a release of oxytocin, dopamine, growth hormones, all of which encourage the growth and health of cells. Negativity will release stress hormones, cortisol, histamine, norepinephrine. Those chemicals change the cells to a protection mode. If a person is worried or afraid, their blood will fill with the same harmful chemicals. Thoughts are more primary than genes, because the environment, which is influenced by our thoughts, controls the genes. 

"Entanglement" is a concept in quantum physics. This is when one energy source entangles with another so that they interfere with each other. This interference can be positive and harmonious, as with energy healing, or it can be negative. Studies have demonstrated that when two people become entangled, one person will conform to the energy of the other person. When one of them is a healer whose cells are vibrating at a higher level, the client's cells become entangled, and their energy is lifted. One's energy is believed to influence an individual’s well-being. Healing the energy field causes physical improvement. If the energy around the lungs is blocked, for example, there may be a corresponding physical problem. If the energy is smoothed out, the physical problem may be improved. Improving and balancing the flow of a person's energy helps disperse blockages. This will positively influence the energy field, which changes the physical state of the patient.  


What is Distance Healing?

Distance healing, also known as remote healing works on the quantum physics concept that everything is made of energy and is connected... thus distance is unimportant. The energy body can be accessed from anywhere and at any time and does not require you to be physically present.  Energy is not limited by distance! Energy has no limitations or boundaries. People have received  powerful results physically, emotionally and mentally when they have received distance healing. 

Scientists now agree that time and space are an illusion. So it is absolutely possible to connect with anyone, anywhere and at any time. At the level of energy there is a part of us that is connected to everything else in the Universe. Energy healing works by channeling the transmission of energy. It is a known and proven scientific fact that distance energy therapy can have a powerful and immediate effect. Seminars in distance healing are held at universities such as Harvard, and many studies have been completed by the medical field to prove the effectiveness of this type of healing therapy.

There are many ways to prove that distance is irrelevant. For example,  a certain note could be played on a piano and could cause a glass to vibrate. This shows that if something vibrates on the same level as something else, the response is instant. This is how distance healing works... it instantly makes two energies communicate with each other. During an energy healing, whether  distance or in person,  the same process of channeling and transmitting healing  energies to your energetic field is involved. Blockages are dispersed and the energy field is cleansed, rejuvenated and rebalanced. Everything has a vibration and an energy field. A realignment of these vibrations can help to initiate health.

Jacqui Geary is a Certified Energy Healing Therapist ,Medical Intuitive and creator of H3 Energy Healing TherapyTM. As an Energy Healing Therapist Jacqui balances the body, mind and spirit through intuitive and vibrational healing, aura cleansing, chakra balancing  and by looking into what is creating the blocks and working on removing them. Healing takes place at the quantum level (consciousness) where the body, mind and spirit are one. Jacqui brings a unique ability to the healing process to create a deep healing experience. There is no distance during Jacqui's remote healing work. It is as if she were there with you. 



For over 20 years I suffered with a severe weight problem. As with many overweight people who have tried and failed so many times, it is very frustrating and depressing. I have talked to other professionals about trying to loose weight to no avail. I just wasted money. On the recommendation of a relative, I went to see Jacqui Geary at the end of January 2013 for healing energy and a reading. I don't quite remember too much of the energy healing session other than it felt like a blissful coma. When I awoke, and then after a reading, it felt like the weight (no pun intended) of the world was lifted off of my shoulders. Everything had changed. I mean everything. Life now had new meaning. It is hard to describe the rebirth type of feeling I was experiencing. Exactly 4 months and 3 weeks later, I had lost 103 pounds. I am still going strong. From barely being able to get out of a chair in front of the TV, I now walk 3-4 miles every day. I have reversed my diabetes and am free of that disease. In addition to not having to take medication for diabetes anymore, my doctor has taken me off 2 of 3 blood pressure medicines. My blood pressure which was as high as 200/120, is now at a steady 118/76. Those who know me are astonished at my progress after seeing me struggle for so long. I have had a couple of additional healing energy session since January. Jacqui has helped me where no others could. She was able to unblock all of the crap I was holding on to for what seemed like an eternity. Jacqui's kind, caring and wonderful ways made me feel like I knew her my whole life after just one visit. I cannot say enough about this woman. She is truly a gifted soul who is on this earth to help those that need it most. I cherish the day I met her.

Michael O'Brien

Hi Jacqui,

 So I have awesome news, I'm so excited. I've been feeling a lot of shifting going on in my back for the last few weeks or so and now my spine is completely in line! Oh my god it's amazing! I went to my therapist and she was loosening the muscles in my hip area and she noticed that my spine looked perfect. Yay! No more curves in two places its all straight so thank you, thank you, thank you, you are amazing! It looks awesome, all that's left of my scoliosis problem is my hip area and I'm all better! To think those doctors wanted to put me in a brace, silly, silly. So thanks sooo much again and I will be emailing soon for an appointment!
Renee Collins :D
I have been challenged with some health issues that at first, scared me terribly because my grandfather died of the same thing in the 1960's. When I became seriously ill, I started getting energy healing once a week with the gifted Jacqui Geary and she was able to keep me calm and totally focused on the importance of the metaphysical aspects of healing. Even my doctor wondered what I was doing! She did what she does best and concentrated her energies on healing and cleansing and helped me to focus my energies in the same way. 

Dana B

I have been getting energy healing from Jacqui for nearly a year now. Jacqui is awesome! When I first came to see her I was having tremendous problems with stress.  Immediately my anxiety was reduced and my stress levels have been dramatically relieved. During my sessions I feel like I leave my body and go to a place of complete tranquility. I feel calm, relaxed, and totally at peace. I get regular sessions to keep myself balanced and stress free. I highly recommend Jacqui for energy healing!

Annette O.

I am extremely overweight and have been for 20+ years. I had knee surgery 2 years ago. I lived on pain killers every day for the horrific pain.  I have been getting energy healings from Jacqui for approximately one month now. I started the first session with asking her to help me with weight loss. I felt so great that on the next session I had her work on my knees and feet also. In this month I have lost 15 lbs, am 100% pain free, and no longer take medicine for pain. Jacqui has helped me with my depression and has made me feel in control of a meaningful, positive outlook on life.

Brenda de Jager

Thank you Jacqui! I felt a pulling out of muck from my heart- I really felt a yank! Thank you for introducing me to angel Chamuel- you are so special thank you!

Julia Breuer 

Jacqui is a very special, gifted and kind person. She gives 100% of herself to you. I love my weekly healing sessions!

Anne Stifter

My first energy healing experience was with Jacqui. She made me feel very relaxed.  I am a very closed off person and she has helped me open up and release old hurts and bad energy with the healing and readings.

Virginia A.

Jacqui is a sensitive, compassionate healer. I am never comfortable in allowing any medical practitioner to work on my body. I was surprised at how comfortable I was with her. I was quickly enveloped by calmness, and entered a meditative state. My complaint had been pain in my jaw and an arthritic hip. When the healing session was over, these pains were gone, and weeks later, they remain gone. I highly recommend this sincere and gifted "worker in the light'.

June P.

I set up an appointment with Jacqui for an energy healing and while I was having the healing done, I felt as if my soul had left my body and I went to a mystical place that I felt extreme ease and love. I felt tingling in my hands and feet and I felt intense, comforting heat waves. I literally felt my whole body being lifted into the air and wrapped up in, beautiful protecting light. After the healing, I felt a sense of renewal. I felt iridescent and weightless. I didn't want to ever stop feeling this perfect feeling. I set up  another appointment with her for the next week. Every week, once a week, I started going for healings and readings...not only for the perfect feeling, or the cleansing of negative build-ups within my overall energy system, but to talk with Jacqui and have conversations about my life experiences and how they have affected me to this day. She became more than a therapist, but an intellectual, highly intelligent friend that would intently listen to what I had to say and figure out the whys and hows of literally every awful thing that has happened to me as a child and teenager. After seeing ten therapists in my life, she listened and helped more than any of those therapists combined.

Alexis V.

It's hard to find someone as selfless and willing to devote their time to others than Jacqui. his gifted woman is able to do an energy healing, which realigns your chakra points and gets rid of your “junk” or all of the negativity, worry, and uncertainty, and replaces it with positive light. I never would have believed that something like this could work until I gave it a try. After my third energy healing or so I began to notice when negativity was bogging me down, which helped me gauge when to cut off negative ties, and surround myself with positivity. It has become a safe haven for me. When it comes to readings Jacqui has been the most spot on and involved intuitive I have talked to. All of the information and messages I need, asked for, or were given from spirit were things I was able to use, hold onto and incorporate into my life. These readings are not typical, and that is the best thing about them, no reading has ever been the same. I have never received generic information...so much more is brought forth from Jacqui.  

Taylor C.

I have to tell you Jacqui Geary you are the BEST!!! You're abilities as a healer and as a psychic are truly uncanny. You have a wonderful gift and I think that it's great that you use it to help others as you have for me!

Gene O'Brien

Jacqui met all our expectations and more!!! Amazing healings...Amazing readings...and very reasonable prices!! Jacqui, there are no words to say how truly blessed we feel to have met you. From "Healers" to a "Healer"....You are incredibly gifted and we thank you for sharing your gifts with the World!"

Eileen and Kathy

If you are interested in a distance energy healing session with Jacqui please select the length of session you would like below. You will receive an email within 24 hours to schedule a date/time and discuss any specific areas you would like focused on. Thank  you!               


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Energy Healings





Energy healing is widely recognized as a valuable and effective compliment to conventional  medical care.  As with traditional medicine, a particular outcome cannot be promised. Please do not discontinue any medical treatments without the advice of your doctor. Intuitive  Energy Therapy does not claim to diagnose and cure a disease or problem, but to simply use energy and intuition to initiate and speed the natural healing process.

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