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Ghost Hunter Certification Course
Interested in learning about spirits and how to
communicate with them? Have an interest in ghost
research and investigating haunted locations?
Become a Certified Ghost Hunter (CGH)!
Training provided by ECRIPT (East Coast
Research and Investigation Paranormal Team).
  Upon course completion serious students
interested in pursuing paranormal investigation
may receive the opportunity to join
East Coast Research And Investigation
Paranormal Team (ECRIPT).
As a CGH and member of the ECRIPT team
you will research and investigate haunted
locations alongside professional investigators
and gifted mediums.
This is a two week training course.

                            Sunday, April 8th & April 15th

                                   Time: 11:30am - 4:30pm
                                                    Fee: $65

(includes course materials and
indoor investigation)
A Certificate Will Be Received
Upon Course Completion.
Course Study:
-Ghost Research
-Types of Hauntings and Ghostly Phenomena
           -Conducting Investigations
(indoor and outdoor)-
Rules, Methods, Researching History,Contacting
Homeowners, Obtaining Permission to
Investigate Public Locations, Interviewing
            -Ghost Hunting Equipment and Devices-
Operation and Documenting Results
-Paranormal Photography
-Spirit Communication-
Electronic Voice Phenomena
-Evidence Analysis
-Understanding Orbs, Ectoplasm and Vortices
-Removal of Negative Spirits
-Working with Psychics, Mediums,
Sensitives, Intuitives
    -The Scientific Approach VS
The Spiritual Approachto Investigating
Pre-Registration Is Required For This Class
As Space Is Limited.
To register please use the online
payment link below.





trinitymetaphysical@yahoo.com         Tel: 973-209-7070