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Hypnosis Sessions and Healing Hypnosis Sessions Available


Do you want to lose weight, stop smoking or break a bad habit?  Are you stressed or anxious? Do you lack confidence or have a hard time sleeping? Do you want to release negative attachments or manifest more abundance in your life? Are you interested in your past lives?

Hypnosis helps people to make positive changes within themselves to better their life and achieve their goals.

Hypnosis is focused consciousness...a deep state of relaxation and concentration.  It is a very natural state of mind which happens to us every day.  We are in a state of hypnosis each time we daydream or are engrossed in what we are reading or watching. Hypnosis is safe, non-invasive and you are always in control.

Benefits of Hypnosis:

Stress Management

Weight Loss

Stop Smoking

Improve Sleep

Confidence, Self Esteem

Releasing Anxiety, Fears Phobias

Releasing Past

Releasing Negativity

Positive Thinking

Manifesting Abundance-Love, Finances, Well Being

Peace- Body, Mind and Spirit

Releasing Bad Habits

Improve Performance- Athletics, School, Work

Better concentration and Focus

Strengthening Intuitive Abilities

Past Life Regression

and Much More!


Healing Hypnosis

Healing hypnosis incorporates energy healing into the hypnosis session.


Sessions are available via phone or virtual.

For additional information and to schedule an appointment please email trinitymetaphysical@yahoo.com or call 973-209-7070.



Disclaimer: Hypnosis is a process that helps to facilitate self improvement. Individual results vary from person to person. The effectiveness of hypnosis depends on the individual client and their commitment to make positive changes. Hypnosis is not a substitute for professional medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis.

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