Intuitive Tarot Course

Sunday, April 7th

11am - 5pm

Fee: $65


A certificate will be received upon course completion.


Learn how to use your intuition to read Tarot cards in this one day intensive course. This course will teach you how to honor your intuition in order to understand how the cards provide messages through YOU, as well as how they offer information through stories and symbols.

Let your inner wisdom guide you in your own personal interpretations of the meaning of the cards while learning how to read them using your intuition and other senses, as well as learning their basic meanings.


This class will also teach how to understand archetypes in the Major Arcana, how Court Cards give insight into a person's personality and how the four suits relate to specific areas of one's life such as personal goals, choices and decision making, love, career and finances. In addition, you will learn how to link and read cards together and how to incorporate them into a full spread.


Course study books will be provided. In this class we will be working with the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, however you will be able to use what you learn with any tarot deck. Please bring your tarot cards!


Please bring a lunch with you or, if preferred, you may leave to get lunch during the break.


Course Study:

-Brief History

-Cleansing, Blessing, Maintaining Cards

-How to Use and Trust Your Intuition Reading Tarot

-Elements in Tarot

-Role of Significators and Card Positiions

-Basic Meanings of the Major Arcana

-Basic Meanings of the Minor Arcana

-Understanding the Court Cards

-Understanding Archetypes, Symbolism, Numerology and Astrology in Tarot

-Basic Spreads and Layouts

-Reading Techniques for the Self and Others

-Practice Readings, Interaction and Fun!


Pre-Registration Is Required For This Class As Space Is Limited.