Numerology Class




Decoding Your Destiny, Life Purpose and Karma

Sunday, April 28th

11am - 5pm


Numerology is the study of the symbolism and patterns of numbers. Every letter and number has it's own unique energy vibration. Each of these unique vibrations has an effect on our Life Path.

Numerology can be used daily, monthly and yearly as our Life Path is continually changing. It can be used for buying a house, planning a trip, career decisions, love and relationships, health, finances, emotional well being/healing, releasing the past and so on.

In this class you will learn who you are and give you a better understanding of yourself as well as learning  your life purpose and how to reach your highest potential. You will gain insight into your past, present and future, your personality and the personalities of others, relationship compatibility with others, strengths, weaknesses, talents/abilities, emotional needs, challenges, opportunities and much more.

Additional Class Study Includes:

The History of Numerology
The Relationship and Influence of Numbers On Our Life Journey
Our Birthdate, Name and Name Changes
The Meanings of Numbers In Numerology
Master Numbers
Life Path Numbers
Expression and Balance Numbers
Karmic Debt Numbers/Karmic lessons
Heart's Desire/Soul Purpose
Your Daily Number
Street Address and Location Numerology
In class practice numerology charts

(you may also bring names and birth dates of family members, friends etc.)

For additional information please call  973-209-7070 or email