Weight Loss Hypnosis Workshop w/ Jane Doherty
Diets Don't Work But You Do!


Sunday. March 10th @ 2pm

In this workshop you will discover how easy it is to become a slimmer, healthier and happier YOU! Most people believe they do not have the willpower to reach their ideal weight and often give up before even trying. Now with hypnosis you will have the power of your will and desire to finally succeed.

Research shows hypnosis is the most effective way to let go of the excess weight. It also indicates that people who diet using hypnosis keep the weight off. In this workshop you will learn some reasons why we gain weight, the major emotional triggers, simple tips to speed-up the weight loss. You will learn the # 1 sabotaging behavior that drives a person to quit before reaching the goal. Jane will make suggestions on diet plans but you ultimately know what you can and can not follow based on your cooking needs and habits. She will discuss the particular eating habits of the group contrary to getting healthy and incorporate them in the hypnosis. This will re-program your mind to the desired behavior based on overall general habits and some specific problems of the group.

Hypnosis will be fully explained. This will be a group hypnosis . You will awake fully refreshed. A post hypnotic suggestion will be given during the hypnosis to help you gain instant control when you need it if any old habits 'tug at your sleeve'. You are invited to record on your cell phone or whatever device you wish, so that you can play the tape and continue to go in and out of hypnosis on your own. This will reinforce the positive suggestions. If you'd like, Jane can create a private Facebook page for emotional support!