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Personal Numerology Report
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This popular report is an excellent way to better understand yourself, children, spouse, friends and other loved ones in your life. Each report shows you untapped potentials, special abilities and even the areas that may be holding you back. The Numerology Report is especially helpful to better understand the many diverse and sometimes contradictory forces that may be at work in your life.

Each report can help you to:

* Recognize where your opportunities for personal success are to be found.

* Discover your special inborn talents and abilities and how to make the best use of them.

* Understand your inner motivations and the potential opportunities and obstacles they present.

* Develop energies that may be out of balance so that they work for you in positive ways.

* Improve areas of difficulty because of the misuse of energies needing mastery.

Each report includes:

  • Life Path – the opportunities through which success in one’s career and personal life are to be found.
  • Expression – special inborn abilities and talents and how to make the best use of them.
  • Soul Urge – the inner motivations and desires; what one really wants from life.
  • Birthday – a minor lesson that influences the Life Path.
  • Master Numbers – special energies indicating opportunities for spiritual growth.
  • Repeated Numbers – energies that may be out of balance and how to make them work in a positive way.
  • Karmic Debts – areas of difficulty because of the misuse of certain energies in a past life and how to make improvements
  • Karmic Lessons – weaknesses in this life because of a lack of experience with certain energies in previous lives and how to overcome these shortcomings.
  • Intensity Points – strengths or weakness encountered because of too much or too little of a particular energy.
  • Challenge – an obstacle encountered early in life that once overcome can add new dimension to one’s life.
  • Maturity Number – an important lesson learned later in life that will bring increased understanding of one’s purpose.
  • Current Name Energies – new or increased influences from a name change and how it impacts the life.
  • Personal Year – strong influences and opportunities that affect a person each year.
  • Life Path Period – long term cycle that describes the general influences affecting a person.
  • Pinnacle – a second cycle that describes additional general influences affecting a person.

Also, includes your Personal Year for 2018.

These reports make excellent gifts!

When ordering please include:

1) FULL BIRTH NAME as it appears on the Birth Certificate

2) FULL NAME USED TODAY which is most strongly identified with (ie: current married name or if use only a middle initial, John P Smith, or no middle name, etc... do not provide nicknames or abbreviated names unless you currently use that as your FULL NAME when signing paperwork etc. )


4) EMAIL address to receive Report

If you have additional questions please email trinitymetaphysical@yahoo.com or call 973-209-7070 before purchasing.

Thank you!

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