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 What Do You Add Up To?

Numerology has been used for thousands of years to provide deep insights into one's personality, intimate relationships, and the important influences that effect one's daily life.

Now, with the Personal Numerology Report, you can examine your life in a unique way to take advantage of unexplored opportunities, confirm talents that in your heart you know are there, or simply to figure out where to go next. You'll see all the diverse parts of your personality and how they uniquely come together to make the person you are. Through this report, you'll be able to make the most of your life in a way that wasn't possible before. In addition to the Personal Numerology Report, the Relationship Report is also available.The Relationship Report gives greater insight into your romantic relationships.



      The Personal Numerology Report consists of a 12-16 page in-depth report that reveals the important lessons to be learned, the natural talents and abilities, deep inner needs and much more. It uses the birth name, name used today and birth date. 


           The Relationship Report consists of a 14-18 page in-depth report that provides a valuable way to explore romantic relationships. This report is full of practical suggestions for helping couples to have stronger, more meaningful partnerships. By showing the dynamics at work in the relationship, the report helps two people to better understand each other and to improve their communications together. It uses
the birth names, names used today and birth dates for two people.



      For detailed information on what is included in each Personal Numerology Report or Relationship Report please select that particular report below.


~When Ordering Please Include:

1) FULL BIRTH NAME as it appears on the Birth Certificate

2) FULL NAME USED TODAY which is most strongly identified with (ie: current married name or if use only a middle intiital, John P Smith, or no middle name, etc... do not provide nicknames or abbreviated names unless you currently use that as your FULL NAME when signing paperwork etc. )


4) EMAIL address to receive Report


If you have additional questions please email trinitymetaphysical@yahoo.com or
call 973-209-7070 before purchasing.

Thank you!

trinitymetaphysical@yahoo.com         Tel: 973-209-7070